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It’s official, spring has sprung! The birds are chirping. The flowers are blooming. But if you’re not careful, that spring cleanup list can get caught in the weeds before it even begins.

So, we’ve put together five “must-dos” for your spring cleanup list!



One of the biggest items on your list this spring should be taking care of your lawn. While winter did you a solid by hiding your grass’ imperfections and left-over leaves, spring won’t be that kind.

First things first, grab your rake and get going. It’s important to remove all the sticks, leaves and general debris that have invaded your yard. Once you’ve cleaned up, feed your lawn because spring-time is the right time to get your yard off to a green start with an application of fertilizer and weed control.


Many people think that spring is Mother Nature’s most-impressive season—us included! But if your windows are still cloudy, streaky and just plain old dirty from the long winter, then you’ll be missing out on the show!

We recommend always cleaning your screens first as they can be holding a collection of dirty things. Remove and gently hose down the screens with water. If they’re especially dirty, gently scrub them with mild soap and rinse again. Then finish up by cleaning your windows with a quality glass cleaner.

Pro Tip: Always wash the outside panes first, so you won’t be washing phantom streaks and spots on the inside.

Pro’s Pro Tip: If all this window talk seems like a bit much, give us a call because we can handle any window cleaning job.


Bowling balls aren’t the only things you should keep out of the gutter. Despite having diligently cleaned your house’s gutters in the fall, the winter winds have no doubt shook loose a fresh batch of twigs and leaves for you enjoy (despise) this spring. While it’s time-consuming, this is a critical home maintenance task for those looking to avoid water damage … which should be everyone.

Afraid of heights? That’s fine because we’re not! We’ll get up there and get those gutters clear and ready to handle those spring showers.


You’re probably not thinking about running your air conditioner just yet. But don’t wait until you’re melted like a popsicle on the kitchen floor to start getting your condenser unit in shape.

It takes a little effort, but it’s simple as 1-2-3. Safety first though! Turn your unit off at the shut-off, or disconnect if plugged in, then mime yourself unplugging it again just to be extra safe. (Hey, those blades are sharp!) Second, vacuum the condenser fins with a soft-bristle brush attachment, taking great care not to bend them. Lastly, remove the grille and get to work removing any remaining debris.


Besides the fact that your garage doors and floors rhyme, they have something else in common—they’re filthy. But it’s not your fault. Winter’s assault of snow and well—salt have made your garage look less than stellar.

If the tough stains leftover by winter and your car are just too much, our pressure washing pros can lend a hand.

Find out how we can help get your home looking spring-ready! Contact us today.



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