Is It Safe To Pressure Wash Vinyl Siding?

Someone pressure washing vinyl siding on their home

Yes! The End.

OK, ok, you’re probably here looking for a little more information (or even the answer to “why” it’s safe), but we wanted to give you the “short answer” right up front.

What to Know When Pressure Washing Vinyl Siding

You can pressure wash just about anything, including vinyl siding. Pressure washing is just high-pressure water spray, and you can use it to clean everything from concrete to siding to brick to decks. It’s also highly satisfying to see years of dirt, grime and sludge disappear from surfaces. We dig it.

But, pressure washing vinyl siding—while safe—can be trickier than people think. We wish it were as simple as “point and shoot,” but just like you wouldn’t use a fire hose to put out a birthday candle, you probably don’t want to set your pressure washer to 11 and blast your siding into the afterlife.

Side Effects of “Point and Shoot” Pressure Washing

Like anything, there are some side effects when you go to pressure wash vinyl. Below are some unfortunate results if you aren’t careful:

So, while the simple answer is “yes! It’s safe to pressure wash vinyl siding!” it may not be the best idea to rent a washer from your local hardware store and pretend you’re returning heavy fire to an enemy combatant.

Getting the Best in Pressure Washing

We really recommend having a professional take care of this task. Not only will it save you time, wet shoes and headaches from potential damage, our experts know how to evaluate the age and quality of your siding, assess current issues and apply the right solutions. They also know the best way to keep water from leaking under your siding, windows or roofline.

Again, YES! It is safe to pressure wash vinyl siding, and a pro is going to know the absolute safest way to do it.

Got questions about pressure washing? Let us know how we can help!

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