Sidewalk & Driveway Cleaning Services

Driveway & Sidewalk Cleaning & Pressure Washing Services

Your driveway and sidewalk are an important part of your home’s curb appeal. As so, they need to be cleaned and sealed from time to time just like the rest of your property.

To begin the cleaning process, we take our 4,000 psi commercial surface cleaner to your concrete surfaces. Using this powerful tool allows us to bring your concrete practically back to its original look.

The machine cuts through dirt, algae and years of exposure to mother nature. In addition to driveways and sidewalks we can even restore your cement patio, garden walkway or concrete pool deck. If desired, we can also seal the freshly cleaned concrete to help prevent algae and dirt build up in the future.

Whether you are getting your home ready for sale or just want a noticeable facelift to your property, we have the tools and the team to clean and restore your concrete. Contact us today for a free sidewalk and driveway cleaning estimate.

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